Before & After Photo’s


4ft closeboard with concrete gravel boards and concrete posts. – Horndean

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Bristol fence with trellis top with wooden posts.  – Waterlooville.

IMG_0888 IMG_0887

4ft closeboard with concrete posts and gravel boards.
In this one there was a lot of soil to move and an old brick wall to take down. Finished off with 20mm shingle to extend the driveway.

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Closeboard with concrete posts and gravel boards for the front garden. – Waterlooville.

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Overlap panels with concrete posts and gravel boards. – Havant


Overlap panels with concrete posts and gravel boards. – Waterlooville.


Overlap panels – Havant


Overlap panels with concrete posts. – Havant

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Overlap panels with wooden posts. – Waterlooville.

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6ft closeboard with a matching gate. Just a quick slot in on this one. – Waterlooville.

IMG_1393 IMG_1394

Just a gate with a small bit of free hand closeboard.



Shingled areas

To make the drive bigger. – Widley.

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Make the area more useable. – Cowplain.

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To make the front garden low maintenance and tidy. – Waterlooville.

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Astro turf

Abit of a overhaul with this one to make a an unloved garden into a garden you would love to spend a sunny afternoon. – Portsmouth

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To cover over a concrete garden to bring a bit of green back into this garden.
With a sleeper border and welsh slate infill the customer has plans to put in some nice potted plants to give it some more colour. – Waterlooville.

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Another garden that was just concrete made into a solid decked area with a brick front with astro turf.
A real make over! – Portsmouth

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Another complete overhaul for this client.
List of work:
– Astro turf
– Breeze block planter
– Brick steps of the decking
– Two paved areas, 1 black limestone and 1 standard 450mm x 450mm slabs
– Decking treated and painted
– Walls cleaned, repointed and painted

Now a loverly garden for there little man to play in and enjoy as a family. – Portsmouth

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Quick concrete to grass one here, really brightens up the garden. – Portsmouth

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Bald, patchy and uneven grass, now flat and green ready for the little ones to play in the summer sun.

IMG_0892 IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0897

This lawn had issues with getting very waterlogged in the winter.
So we dug out a large soak away under the Astro turf. Now usable all year round. – Waterlooville.

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Rip out the path, patio and decking and put in some of the green stuff.
Now a much more attractive garden. – Waterlooville

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This one was turfing on a big scale! It was around 300 sqm!
The client was a getting a major extension built at the time and wanted
grass around the new swimming pool. As you can see they had some heavy
machinery onsite which helped out massively. Will look amazing in the summer. – Petersfield.

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Some waste land under some trees that was not really used. Now nice and green. – Widley.

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Same garden a few months later to do the other parts. – Widley.

IMG_0812.000 IMG_0814


Patio extension for a nice BBQ area for the summer. – Cowplain.

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Bamboo was breaking up the old concrete path so it was removed and new paving put down. – Portsmouth.

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This garden was on a slope and very uneven so we levelled the garden on two levels,
put in a brick fronted step with paving. Also replaced the plastic man hole cover with a recessed one and put in paving to allow access to the back gate. – Waterlooville.

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Jet washing

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IMG_0635.000 IMG_0636

General Clearance/ Grass cuts

Grass that had been left for about 2 years. Took a while to get through this one! – Waterlooville.

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This was for a local green bowling club to clear a boarder of shrubs and weeds and then shingle so the member can put there bowl bags off the path. – Purbrook.

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A few months of growth on this lawn. Now nice and tidy. – Waterlooville.

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Clearance down the side to keep it under control. – Havant.

11150330_1476594999227895_1655401532677390835_n 11156410_1476595042561224_2754248614710349459_n

A few months on this one as well. – Cowplain.

IMG_0705 IMG_0706

This garden was not touched for quite sometime. – Havant.

IMG_0869 IMG_0870 IMG_0871 IMG_0872